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  • Manufacturer: Neogen

A single feed, bromethalin formulation makes rodents want to stop feeding after consuming a lethal dose, using less bait overall. Assault Blocks have a quick knockdown when compared to other anticoagulants, with results in as little as 2 days after consuming a toxic dose. Great for controlling rodents with resistance to anticoagulants.


  • The ideal and humane way to trap and relocate unwanted pests around the home or office
  • Large trap is great for catching raccoons, possums, ground hogs, and skunks; while the small trap catches squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks
  • Heavy duty, galvanized steel resists rust and corrosion
  • Fully assembled and ready to use

  • Manufacturer: Pine Tree Farms Wild Bird Feeding Products
  • Model Number: 1381

These Pine Tree Wildlife products are a high quality mixture of nuts, almonds, sunflower seed and corn. This blend provides squirrels or other wildlife with a high energy level and complete nutritional diet. Squirrels are very active animals and are a great pleasure to watch climbing, jumping and playing chase.

  • UPC: 867776000067

MouseX™ is an easy to use, 100% naturally derived, non-toxic approach to controlling mice. It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution.

  • Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products
  • Model Number: 00006

Acts like a time released version of the always popular powdered Acorn Rage™. Pour over logs, stumps or directly on the ground for a powerful mineral site.

  • Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products
  • Model Number: 70505

Throw & Gro contains a mixture of tetraploid rye grass, forage clovers and brassica selected to give your herd a fast growing protein and mineral-filled source of nutrition. The plants in Throw & Gro can be planted without discing so that you can plant in areas not accessible to heavy equipment.

  • Model Number: MM-BB-DE-P1

The most effective way to get the estrus scent out to the big boys from a long distance. 100 percent pure, fresh doe in heat urine. Can be dispersed in short bursts or locked down to fog out the entire contents.

The Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus scent is the most effective way to get to get Estrus scent out to the big boys from a long distance. The Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus is 5-ounces of pure, fresh doe in heat urine.

  • Manufacturer: Evolved Habitats
  • Model Number: 11303

Buck jam is a juicy gel-like mineral lick that is jam full of sweet fruit flavor and minerals. Deer are attracted instantly to the site, where they will begin licking and enjoying the minerals at once.

  • Manufacturer: Evolved Habitats
  • Model Number: 21395

A liquid sweet treat that wildlife love and a natural hay and feed topper for livestock. Old fashioned feed grade molasses labels for both wildlife and livestock. Features the wildlife market on the front panel and livestock on the back panel.

  • Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

Scientifically formulated specifically for the mineral and vitamin needs of deer during the spring and summer. Contains the necessary vitamins, and the specific minerals from the best sources and correct ratios for antler growth, pregnancy and lactation. 30-06 Plus Protein also contains a 10% protein boost. Extremely attractive. Contains scent and flavor attractants and enhancers, including Whitetail Institute Devour. Designed for use in ground sites.

Imperial Whitetail Winter Peas PLUS contains two winter pea varieties that are more attractive to deer than any other winter pea varieties the Whitetail Institute has ever tested. Imperial Whitetail Winter Peas PLUS is a superior cool season forage specifically designed to maximize attraction, production and availability into the late season. Small amounts of Whitetail Oats, winter lettuce and forage radish are included to boost early and late season attraction and to help the winter peas better withstand heavy grazing.

  • Manufacturer: Evolved Habitats

Molasses has been used in feeding animals for more than 100 years. Molasses is made during the production of sugar producing crops like sugar cane and sugar beets. It is a wonderful source of energy that is extremely palatable and encourages the intake of less palatable feeds. It can be used to feed and attract most wildlife.

Trophy Rock is the most effective natural mineral supplement available. Trophy Rock contains over 60 beneficial trace minerals to improve antler development and overall herd health, and is safe for all wildlife year round. Serious hunters who care about antler size and herd health swear they've never seen a better product. Try it for yourself and see why so many hunters have become Trophy Rock fans for life!

The Buck Bomb Dominant Buck is 5-ounces of pure, fresh urine taken from mature bucks of at least 3 1/2 years of age and is perfect for bringing out dominant behavior in mature bucks from the pre-rut all the way through the rut.

  • Manufacturer: Southern States

Attract more deer with Southern States Deer Corn with Molasses. Deer find this blend of corn sweetened with molasses irresistible and will keep coming back for more.

Stop throwing your money away on replanting or repellent solutions that don't work. Liquid Fence is the repellent that stops deer and rabbit damage. And best of all, it does it with ingredients which you don't have to worry about your kids, pets or plants!

  • Manufacturer: Purina Deer Nutrition
  • Model Number: 59SS

A 20%-protein, water-resistant pelleted ration designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet. The high protein content supports top performance with AntlerMax® Technology to promote superior antler growth in bucks, reproductive success and abundant milk production in does, and supports optimum growth and healthy development in fawns. Click here for more information on this product.

  • Manufacturer: Wildgame Innovations

Deer go wild for the sweet aromas and delicious taste of ripe juicy apples and now Wildgame Innovations is bringing the orchard to you in an easy to use and powerful deer attractant we call APPLE CRUSH! Hunters everywhere have experienced the renowned power of apples to draw deer in for decades.

  • Manufacturer: Purina Deer Nutrition

A highly palatable, easy-to-use, 20-pound premium block supplement for attracting and maintaining squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, deer, wild birds and other types of wildlife. Provides more balanced nutrition than whole grains.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Convenient way to attract and feed deer year-round. It has carrying handles for easy transport and contain our Water Shield® technology that helps repel moisture and reduces block waste normally associated with wet conditions. Purina® Premium Deer Block contains the new Purina® Power Nugget™ supplement to help support the natural forage of various species.

The Original One and Only Real Apple Blocks are made with the highest quality, food grade, pure fresh apple! The Sweet Apple Blocks have been scientifically developed to be both attractive to deer and nutritionally important for their health and superior antler growth. Sweet Apple Blocks are savored by deer, especially where apples are found. 25 Lb.

  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • SKU: purina_deerblock

18% protein, water-resistant, fortified, year-round supplemental feed block designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet without the need for a feeder. Purina® AntlerMax® Deer Block contains the new Purina® AntlerMax® Extreme Energy™ supplement which provides nutrition for body condition of deer so they can reach their genetic potential for antler growth.