Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Solo Inc

A full-featured sprayer in an economical package is perfect for homeowners. Use for general-purpose spraying, gardening applications and pest control. Also works great with wood deck cleaners, as well as algae and mildew removers.

  • Manufacturer: Ware Manufacturing Inc


The Ware Walk-In Coop is 5'5" tall, allowing the chicken farmer to gather their eggs and visit their flock without having to get on the ground. Features include multiple nest boxes, hand holes for easy lifting, durable metal latches and multiple access points for ease of use. Easy to assemble with screwdriver or power drill if available.

  • Manufacturer: Coleman Cable, Inc.
  • Model Number: 2888
  • Locking plugs keep tools plugged in, eliminating the frustration of tools coming unplugged
  • Reinforced blades for added durability
  • Heavy-duty strain relief protects electrical connections resulting in longer cord life.
  • SJTW construction with PVC jacket that’s weather and water resistant

  • Manufacturer: Neogen

A single feed, bromethalin formulation makes rodents want to stop feeding after consuming a lethal dose, using less bait overall. Assault Blocks have a quick knockdown when compared to other anticoagulants, with results in as little as 2 days after consuming a toxic dose. Great for controlling rodents with resistance to anticoagulants.

  • Model Number: X15

The all-purpose design of the X15 Chopping Axe makes felling trees quick and easy. Like every X-Series™ Hatchet or Axe, the X15 combines perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp edge and virtually unbreakable design to maximize your performance. This combination of features allows the blade to bite deeper when chopping. With more blade penetration on each swing, you can chop more wood in less time, with less effort and hand strain.

  • Manufacturer: Teknor Apex

We discovered that hose purchasers overwhelmingly prefer hoses that are lightweight, easy to handle, kink resistant, and provide lasting performance.

  • Manufacturer: Neogen
  • Ready-To-Use equine wipe-on and spray with citronella and coat conditioners
  • Contains .1% Pyrethrins, 1% PBO and 15% Stabilene
  • For use as a grooming aid to bring out a lustrous sheen
  • Kills and repels horse flies, deer flies, stable flies, horn flies, house flies, face flies, mosquitoes and gnats

This aqueous equine insecticide spray features a ready-to-use, citronella scented formula. It won't attract dust and grime like oil-based products and offers long-lasting protection against a wide array of insects. Nulli-Fly™ can be wiped or sprayed on horses. This economical formulation is sure to be your next favorite. Available in 4 oz trail size and quart sizes. 


  • The ideal and humane way to trap and relocate unwanted pests around the home or office
  • Large trap is great for catching raccoons, possums, ground hogs, and skunks; while the small trap catches squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks
  • Heavy duty, galvanized steel resists rust and corrosion
  • Fully assembled and ready to use

Deep Green Stain Remover is an innovative, user-friendly product that extracts extremely difficult stains from any washable surface or fabric. Our odorless, dye-free product cleans by deeply penetrating porous surfaces. Deep Green’s effectiveness relies on the balancing of conditioners, natural softeners, and an ingredient that makes water itself “wetter”, thus allowing for a thorough and deep extraction of stains. Deep Green leaves surfaces and fabrics film-free, without residue or discoloration, while restoring it’s original color, luster, and shine. Let Deep Green do the work! Restore value to your personal and professional environments with Deep Green Stain Remover.

  • Repels ticks and mosquitoes for up to 10 hours
  • Light feel, strong protection
  • Can be applied to clothing, will not damage cotton, wooll, nylon, acetate or spandex
  • Repels deer ticks that may carry Lyme disease
  • Formulated with picaridin
  • Repels mosquitoes that may transmit Chikungunya virus, Zika virus, Dengue virus and West Nile virus

From the toughest fruit stains to the most stubborn grease marks, Deep Green eliminates all of them thanks to the balance of conditioners and natural softeners that deeply penetrate porous surfaces. Quickly remove blood, coffee, tea, red wine, mildew, paint, adhesives, permanent marker, ink, pet stains and more.

  • Manufacturer: Hy-Ko Products
  • Model Number: DM80048

Made of durable fiberglass. 4-1/2" of reflective tape is wrapped around each marker. Visible from all angles. Use for any purpose to attract attention to specific area.

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather
  • Model Number: 222414/00037-NP

Weaver® leather hardware is carefully selected to provide optimum quality and durability. Nickel plated steel. Size 4.5".

  • Manufacturer: Fortex Industries
  • Model Number: N400-8CF

The Calf-Mate calf feeder based on our sturdy N400-8 Fortiflex bucket, modified with heavy duty parts to make a durable and handy feeder for calves. We start with heavy galvanized (#16 gauge) steel bracket, contoured to easily fit a 2" x 4" rail. 

  • Manufacturer: Rugged Ranch
  • Model Number: METALCOOP

The Universal Welded Wire Pen measures 7' X 8' X 48" and is made from 2" x 2" welded wire which makes it perfect for housing all types of animals. The welded wire top adds that extra safety measure to really protect your pets from predators. This pen comes equipped with an easily removable knock-out, back panel for the addition of our Large Dog House or Wood Hutch. It can serve as a complete home for chickens, small dogs, turtles, adult rabbits, cats and baby goats.

  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions
  • Model Number: OC30

Announcing the latest product from Espoma Naturals—for stalls, kennels, cages and other animal habitats. Sani-Care Odor Control is an excellent way to prevent or alleviate respiratory distress due to the build up of ammonia gas from degrading urine. And Like all Espoma products, it’s safe, natural and effective. Use Espoma Sani-Care Odor Control with complete confidence that you have chosen the best odor control product available.

  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions
  • Model Number: SC17

There are many options when it comes to animal bedding, but none offer the superior combination of benefits provided by Espoma Sani-Care. Once you experience Sani-Care, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Sani-Care is an all-natural product, manufactured using a blend of NIH approved premium hardwoods that includes beech, birch and maple. Sani-Care contains no perfumes or paper sludge.  1.7 cu ft.

  • Manufacturer: Bradley Caldwell
  • Model Number: 160100

Plastic jug pump; delivers 1 oz per stroke. 38/400 adaptor fits 1 gallon Bottles. Plunger locks down for shipping and storage.

  • UPC: 867776000067

MouseX™ is an easy to use, 100% naturally derived, non-toxic approach to controlling mice. It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution.

  • Manufacturer: Rugged Ranch
  • Model Number: GV3PF

The 5' Pasture Feeder is constructed completely of galvanized steel. Made with 1 5/8", 15 gauge galvanized pipe, this feeder weighs in at 207 lbs. With a 6" deep feed pan that is 32" off the ground, your feed will be safe from other barnyard animals. It has a wide base for stability and has a heavy duty construction to hold up to larger animals.

  • Manufacturer: Neogen
  • Model Number: 003-116339

One of a kind, ultimate all-weather rodenticide for controlling rats and mice, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • Model Number: 20FB

This bucket is great for horses and large dogs.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • Model Number: 16HB

Designed to accommodate multiple animals.