Product Info

Coventry Stone III

Coventry Stone III

  • Manufacturer: EP Henry

Coventry® Stone III pavers is a larger and thicker paver than most, at 2 ¾" thickness it is a heavy duty paver ideal for drive-ways and other large projects.

--- Coventry Stone III must be tamped with a pad.


* Available by special order or while supplies last.

  • Dakota Blend 16
  • Harvest Blend 16
  • Pewter Blend 16
  • Dakota Blend
  • Harvest Blend
  • Pewter Blend

Product Specifications

Coventry® Stone III - Complete Set

  • Coventry Stone III contains 90 square feet, total of 3 sizes. Total weight: 2,964 lbs per Cube.

Coventry® Stone III 9x9

  • Dimensions: 9"w×9"l×2 3⁄4"h

Coventry Stone III 9x12

  • Dimensions: 9"w×12"l×2 3⁄4"h

Coventry Stone III 9x15

  • Dimensions: 9"w×15"l×2 3⁄4"h