Product Info

Sani-Care™ Premium Hardwood Bedding 

  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions
  • Model Number: SC17

There are many options when it comes to animal bedding, but none offer the superior combination of benefits provided by Espoma Sani-Care. Once you experience Sani-Care, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Sani-Care is an all-natural product, manufactured using a blend of NIH approved premium hardwoods that includes beech, birch and maple. Sani-Care contains no perfumes or paper sludge.  1.7 cu ft.

Sani-Care’s advanced absorbency is the result of heat treatment and a proprietary manufacturing process we call MicroCube Technology™. Essentially, this process improves absorbency by making more surface area available on the Sani-Care media particles to absorb moisture, but without creating dust. Unlike some horse bedding materials, that allow a large amount of urine to pass through, absorbed moisture forms clumps in Sani-Care that can be easily and quickly sifted away from dry material, greatly reducing (if not altogether eliminating) the need to strip the stall and replace all the bedding material. By sifting out only the waste, there is much less material to be disposed of. The result is a cleaner, drier, healthier stall that requires less time and effort to maintain.