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    Colostrum Mult-Species Milk Supplement

    Manufacturer : Manna Pro Products LLC

    Best mixing colostrum supplement on the market. Feed first to provide needed proteins, vitamins and minerals. Baby animals are adorable in every way, and the highlight of this time of year in the barn. But they are also very fragile, especially during those all-too-important first hours of life.

    Believe it or not, most animals are born with virtually zero ability to fight off diseases on their own (we humans are passively immunized in the womb, but not so for our four-legged friends).? As a result, they must consume their antibodies (also commonly known as IgG, immunoglobulins, or globulin protein) from the mother’s colostrum in order to develop necessary immunities until they begin to produce their own antibodies. Interestingly, during the first 24 hours of life (and only the first 24, it’s important to note), your new baby has the ability to absorb antibodies directly into its bloodstream without digestion (passive transfer of immunity), which is why it’s so critical that she receives colostrum as quickly as possible after being born and throughout her first 24 hours of life. Nurtures 11 different species of baby animals: Calves Foals Goat Kids Lambs Baby Pigs Crias (llama & alpaca) Fawns Elk Calves Kittens Puppies


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