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    First Arrival w/Encrypt Lamb & Kid Formula


    First Arrival® Lamb & Kid Formula, w/Encrypt®, the DBC Ag Products exclusive trademarked organic carbon source, is specially formulated to help lambs and kids cope with the stress of scours and malnutrition.

    Administer paste orally to animals over 24 hours old. ?Administer 2-3g (2-3 cc) to newborns, 5-8 g (5-8 cc) to lambs and kids weighing up to 10 lb.; 10-15g (10-15 cc) to animals over 10 lb. ?Repeat dosage as necessary. ?First Arrival Lamb & Kid Formula is available in a 15 gram (15cc) multi-dose, dial-a-dose tube. ?No withdrawal necessary.


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