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    High-Gloss X-TREME (HGX)

    Model Number : SSPC HGX

    HGX Cure & Seal is a wet look, high quality paver sealer and sand stabilizer. This product provides a clear barrier that extends paver life. It protects any commercial or industrial high traffic area against elements that stain and deteriorate paver appearance, such as rust, dirt, pool chemicals, salt and everyday weathering. HGX Cure & Seal also stabilizes joint sand, adding protection against sand washout, weed growth and ant infestation. HGX can be used on many types of natural stone. Wet look, high gloss finish Breathable Enhances, restores & protects Protects joint sand from washout, weeds and ants Ideal for high-traffic areas Solvent based 1 & 5-GAL.

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