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    Model Number : LEXEL CLEAR

    The Tough Elastic Sealant for Every JobSticks to Almost Anything Lexel® synthetic rubber elastomeric sealant is the superior alternative to silicone caulk in clarity, adhesion, elasticity and paintability.

    Lexel® is excellent for use in a variety of areas and sticks to almost anything? This includes: Kitchen & bathroom fixtures Countertops & backsplashes Wallpaper (helps prevent curling) Around trim Around windows & doors Thresholds Sills Siding Vents Pipes & air conditioners Around ductwork & HVAC Wood & moulding/trim Masonry Adheres to a variety of surfaces, including: Metals • Aluminum • Brass • Steel • Anodized Windows Plastics • ABS • Nylon • PVC • Acrylic Sheet • Plexiglass • Urethane • Fiberglass • Polycarbonate • Vinyl • Lexan® • Polystyrene Other Surfaces • Asphalt • Stone • Brick • Fiber Cement • Stucco • Cinder Block • Formica® • Tile • Concrete • Glass • Wood • Corian® • Porcelain • Drywall • Mortar Don’t see your surface listed? Contact?Customer Service. Where not to use: On polystyrene insulation Where temperatures exceed 200°F In containment applications Will not adhere to or is incompatible with Aquaseal®, cultured marble, Kynar®, polypropylene, polystyrene foam insulation, polyethylene, rubber, silicone, Styrofoam® (it dissolves it), Teflon®, vulcanized rubber, and waxes Please note: Plastics not listed should be tested for compatibility before use Contact customer service when using in submersion applications ?


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