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    Manufacturer : Lignetics Wood Pellet Products

    Warm – Clean – Sustainable

    Our wood pellets are made from 100% pure, wood fiber (sawdust) that is a by-product of the lumber industry. Manufacturing wood fiber into premium, clean-burning wood pellets is simple and sustainable. We compress the sawdust and wood particles at such a rate that natural lignin is excreted and bonds the loose fiber into wood pellets. The result is a modern, cost-effective renewable heating alternative that is ideal for people, animals and the planet.

    Burns hotter. Can you say eco-efficiency? With a higher wood density and lower moisture content, our pressed pellets deliver more BTU output per pound and ultimately more heat.
    Burns cleaner. Dirt be gone. Since wood pellets are drier and denser, they burn very clean — creating far fewer particle emissions and ash than typical cordwood.
    Eliminates build up. Safe is simple. Now it’s easy to reduce the risk of chimney fires with little or no creosote buildup, ensuring safe ventilation and easier maintenance.
    Better for the environment. Be kind to mother nature. Made from all-natural biomass, wood pellets are a carbon-neutral substitute that helps keep our climate in check.
    Low cost. Heat for less. Get more warmth for your money with 20 hours of continuous heat output from a 40-lb bag that only costs a few dollars.
    Easier to move and store. Say goodbye to chopping and hauling. Our easy-to-carry 40 lb bags are denser than logs or chips, carry a higher calorific value, and require far less storage space.


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