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    Salt Hand Spreader


    UPC : 023883087401
    Manufacturer : Chapin Home and Garden Family of Sprayers


    • 64-ounce capacity and easy fill design
    • Wide tank opening and screw top
    • Multiple openings to apply large and small particulate
    • Wide-slot opening for uneven or extra large pellets
    • Small opening for ice melt, fertilizers and smaller pellets
    • Large opening for ice melt, salt, seeds, fertilizers and larger pellets
    • Ideal for steps, sidewalks and small areas
    • Compact size to fit on a shelf or in a vehicle
    • For use with ice melt, fertilizer, grass seed and most pelletized products
    • Handle designed to accommodate small and large hands, with our without gloves
    • Rock salt is not recommended with this model

    Keep your sidewalks, steps and small areas clean in the winter. Our 8740A hand salt shaker features an easy fill design with multiple openings to apply large and small particulates. This model can be used year-round with fertilizers and grass seeds as well as ice melt.


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