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    Why ECO?

    Manufacturer : EP Henry

    EP Henry ECO Cobble® and Coventry® ECO Cobble® offer beauty, function and cost savings in sustainable design. Available in multiple colors, sizes, textures and patterns, they also integrate seamlessly with our non-permeable Old Towne Cobble™ and Coventry Stone I ® pavers — thus providing you a wide variety of options to meet your design, budgetary and environmental requirements. And, we offer them in 6cm as well as 8cm thicknesses so you don’t have to over-design — or overpay — where your project does not have heavy vehicular requirements.

    The EP Henry ECO Advantages Sure, EP Henry’s ECO™ Line of Permeable Pavers are a smart choice for homeowners looking for an environmentally friendly paver option. But did you know they’re also more attractive, durable, resilient, and cost-effective than other paving options like concrete and asphalt? In fact, many Realtors® agree that adding an EP Henry outdoor hardscape can help increase the value of your home. When comparing the cost of pavers versus stamped concrete, solid concrete, and asphalt, there’s a lot more to consider than simply the initial outlay of dollars. Here are just a few reasons why EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers are a terrific investment. EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers are easy to install and require no curing period. Plus, they can be installed in almost any temperature, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers are the Ideal Product for Freeze-thaw Environments The joints in EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers allow for adjustment to freeze-thaw conditions without the cracking or heaving that can damage porous asphalt and pervious concrete surfaces. The pavers’ gently sloped edges promote snow and ice melt, while their smooth surface allows for easy snow removal. EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers allow melting snow to infiltrate, effectively reducing the amount of plowing necessary and the risk of hazardous ice patches. While deicing salts should be used sparingly on all permeable pavements, permeable interlocking concrete pavers can better resist deterioration because they are comprised of high-quality concrete. Snow can be plowed from their surface as with any other pavement, with no special plows or blades required. Durable and Easy to Maintain, EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers Will Last for a Lifetime When Properly Cared for All permeable pavements require regular inspection and periodic removal of accumulated sediment from the surface. For EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers, this can be easily accomplished with a vacuum-sweeper. Vacuuming and sweeping is recommended at least once or twice a year. Once installed, EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers can remain in place for years with no vacuuming required, and continue to maintain adequate stormwater surface infiltration. Should there be an accidental spill of dirt, individual paver units and stone jointing materials can be removed if needed, then cleaned and replaced; a procedure not possible with porous asphalt and pervious concrete surfaces. EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers are Designed for Easy Removal and Reinstallation A significant advantage of EP Henry ECO permeable pavers is their modular design. Should they receive damage, individual paver units can be easily removed and reinstated. Surface repairs are usually much more difficult on pervious concrete or porous asphalt. Because they are monolithic materials, their original structural capacity is likely to be reduced after repairs to cut pavement are made. EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers can be individually removed and reinstalled if there is a need for base or underground utility repairs, or installation of new pipes or lines. There are no unattractive patches following repair activity since the same removed pavers are reinstalled. This also conserves materials, minimizing added replacement expense. Small areas of porous asphalt and pervious concrete can be removed and replaced, but there will be an unattractive patch. Moreover, it can be difficult to obtain small quantities of pervious asphalt and porous concrete for patch and repair work, especially during cold winters. This is not the case with EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers because the same units can be re-used after an underground repair. And, unlike pervious concrete and porous asphalt, they will not crack. Source: Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement, A Comparison Guide to

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