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    Xylene Solvent (XY)

    Model Number : SSS XY

    XY Paver Clean is used to thin and dissolve acrylic sealers.

    ® XY Paver Clean is used to thin and dissolve acrylic sealers. Ideally used to aid in the clean-up of tools and overspray. Before using XY to thin or reduce any coating, check the coating’s data sheet for guidance and compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act of 1990. • Keep container closed when not in use. • If sealers have pooled on cement surface, use XY on a saturated cotton rag to remove excess. • Try on surface stains of sealed concrete. • DO NOT: – Use on plastic, plastic composite materials, rubber or fiberglass • Aids in Clean-up of Tools • Removes Unwanted Overspray • Thins and Dissolves Acrylic Sealers FEATURES KEEP FROM FREEZING. Store container in a cool area with cap or lid firmly in place. STORAGE USER TIPS XY PAVER CLEAN™ DIRECTIONS 1. Use XY Paver Clean to clean sprayers, tools, (metal and wood tools only, no plastic or plastic composite materials) and Farm & Ranch used in the application of concrete curing compounds and paver sealers. 2. Flush sprayers with XY Paver Clean (metal canister type with Viton hoses and fittings), leaving approximately one pint of solvent in the sprayer when not in use to ensure against clogging the hose and tip. 3. For daily use, place nozzle in solvent can, pump sprayer to force solvent up into the hose, handle and wand area, spray until steady stream of solvent occurs, and let stand overnight. 4. Keep container closed when not in use. If spilled, elimi – nate all sources of ignition. Contain spilled material and remove with inert absorbent using non-sparking tool. Dis – pose of contaminated absorbent, container, and unused contents in accordance with all applicable regulation.


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